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Jacqueline du Plessis

You are Loved

This is a love note from me to you:


Stop what you are doing, take this moment for yourself.

Take a DEEP breath in for the count of 3.

Count to 3 & then breath out to the count of 5.

Now let go.

Let go the pain & release the tension in your body.

Let go.

Breath & repeat. 

Whatever you are worrying or stressing about, for just this moment…. let it go!

Take another DEEP breath. Count to 3, hold of 3, out for 5…


It’s ok to let it go. 
It’s not serving you. 
Surrender, let go & breathe.

Can you feel that?

As you allow the air to escape your lungs,

Be still and just breathe.

Listen to the sound of your breathing…

Feel your chest rising, and falling. 

Listen carefully.

You may even hear (or feel) the sound of your heart beating.


Can you feel that?

Can you feel yourself relaxing?

Listen, now this is important.

This is the message I have for you.

You are loved!
And not only are you loved, but you ARE love.

Sit with that thought.

Say it aloud:

“I AM love.”

Take another deep breath. 

See how it feels as you repeat it three times:

“I AM love. I AM love. I AM LOVE!”

Do you feel that change in your body?

Do you feel the peace?

Take another deep breath. 

Now say it again (in your mind if you can’t said it out loud):

“I am loved. I am loved. I am loved.”
“I am lovable. I am lovable. I am lovable.”

“I am love. I AM love.  I AM LOVE!”

How does that feel?

Whichever you you feel, it’s ok.

It’s ok if it feels like a lie right now, if you need time to believe it.

Either way, whatever you feel: Repeat this mantra every morning (or whenever you feel like you are alone, or stressed, or tense or in pain).

“I am loved. I am loved. I am loved.”
“I am lovable. I am lovable. I am lovable.”

“I am love. I AM love.  I AM LOVE!”

And don’t forget to breathe!

Now go and be.



~ Jacqueline